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Previous Quantum Game Jams

There are many quantum physics and game development inspired hackathons and jams, but our Global Quantum Game Jam is a legacy of incredible work done by Finnish Game Jam association who has been organizing quantum game jams in Finland since 2017 and our team has been part of the organizing team. 

In 2021 our current team of 3 women with background in quantum physics, education, art and game development have continued to expand the Quantum Game Jam to the global level, increasing the quantum literacy and game development accessibility for everyone curious to try it out!

Meet the core team:

Laura Piispanen

Daria Anttila

Natasha Skult

Online Quantum Game Jam (2021)


Global Quantum Game Jam (2022)

QGJ22 Banner.png

Global Quantum Game Jam (2023)

QGJ23 FB Banner.png
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