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Quantum Game Jam

Quantum Game Jam is an annual event bringing together game developers and quantum physicists around the world. 

This year we had a RECORD BREKING event with over 1K participants and 30+ games made, more than any quantum game jam or hackathon so far - THANK YOU all who participated and helped in making this event!

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Mark your calendars!


Global Quantum Game Jam 2023 had over 1K participants from around the world with dozens of games made! 

Theme of the jam: 


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Playlist of talks and presentations
(more content will be uploaded after the jam!)

Quantum Game Jam 2023

Quantum Game Jam 2023

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Days of Fun

About Quantum Game Jam

Quantum Game Jam is a community event that aims to bring together game developers and quantum physicists to collaborate and create new and innovative games. Our mission is to promote the intersection of quantum physics and gaming, and to inspire the next generation of quantum developers.

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Join our global community and learn about quantum physics based games!

At the game jam, you can make quantum inspired games as well as utilize simulations and other available tools in making unique interactive experiences.

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Whether you're a game developer or a quantum physicist, there are many ways to participate in Quantum Game Jam. Click here to learn more about how you can get involved.

All the Latest Updates

Stay up-to-date with the latest news and announcements from Quantum Game Jam. Click here to read our blog.

Get to Know Us

Meet the team behind Quantum Game Jam and learn more about our mission and values.

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